I am currently dating a man 14 yrs younger (I’m 42 he is 28) than I. He doesn’t believe I’m my age, he thought I was 28!! I NEVER thought I would date a younger man. But this man adores me, doesn’t care about my age and we have a wonderful connection and lot in common. Being that I am very experienced in dating adn have been single for a long time, I am very sympathetic to his need to go out with the buddies or his friends. I never try to come between that. He appreciates that. Men my age seem to be broken, bitter and mean or are getting divorced looking to spread themselves like butter (LOL!). The funny thing is, he is more successful than I am and makes more money. I am so COOL with that. I think the key to success with a younger man, is patience and understanding. Making him feel like he is in charge. We older women can mold these young men to be better men.

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