Texting Goodbye to a Lover My friend with benefits texted me: You should know I met someone interesting who wants to date. Consider me off the market for the time being. I wasn’t too surprised. We’d been seeing each other off and on for the better part of two months. But neither one of us had felt a spark to take things further than the occasional sleepover. We were each filling a temporary need in the other’s life. For me as a single parent lacking intimacy, that was sort of enough. The part that got to me was the last line, “for the time being”. Did she think once her interesting dating relationship ended, she’d waltz straight back into my bed? Even I have more self-respect than that. Granted, we were merely lovers. But even a lover relationship can have some decorum. I texted her back: I guessed that! Have fun. Take care. And that was that.

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